Renewal of Vows

We at Aruba Fairy Tales consider a Renewal of Vows among our favorite events to facilitate. The ceremony is moving for both the husband and wife, who wish to demonstrate and celebrate the strength of their time-tested love. It is a joyous ritual, whether shared with others, or just an intimate moment for two.

If they have children, the entire family delights in witnessing that special bond a couple have forged over the years, sharing the love that is the foundation of their lives.

Often modest affairs on the beach, a Renewal of Vows is no less joyful than a first time nuptials; perhaps even more poignant after decades of building a life and family together.

Celebrating an anniversary on Aruba can become even more memorable by arranging a renewal of vows ceremony with us. It will make a wonderful vacation in a beautiful setting exceptional, while reaffirming familial ties.

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